XXIII International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology

XXIII International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology

XXIII International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology

Navigating Complexity:

Human –Environmental Solutions for a Challenging Future

Lisbon, Portugal              July 7 to 10, 2018

First Call for Participation – Preliminary proposals for Symposia, Paper Sessions and Workshops are invited immediately. This conference is meant to be as broadly interdisciplinary as possible so suggestions from all areas of human ecology – theory, education, research and practice – are welcomed.

  • Take part in a diverse international and interdisciplinary gathering.
  • Contribute to a wide range of formal and informal exchanges in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the spectacular city of Lisbon. 

Like previous SHE meetings, it is intended to bring together a diverse group of educators, researchers and practitioners who utilize, or are interested in, interdisciplinary and ecological approaches. We look forward to a diverse and exciting program with an excellent range of speakers, symposia, round-tables and individual presentations. 

Sustainability Issues ~ Interdisciplinary Education ~ Environmental Design~ Eco-Arts ~ Human-Nature Systems Resilience ~ Fisheries Management ~ Nature Therapy ~ Environmental Migrations ~ Participatory Action Research ~ Ecosystems Services ~ Food Systems/Food Security ~ Urban Ecology ~ Climate Change ~ Human-Animal Interactions ~ Historical Ecology ~ Collaborative Planning ~ Conservation Psychology ~ Water-use Policy ~ Carbon Futures ~ Environmental Health ~ Literature and Ecology… and more

At this point, we would like to hear from people who are interested in taking part in this event.

[Note:  We only need “statements of intention” at this time.  Formal abstracts and detailed information on participants will be requested at a later date.]

  1. Suggested Themes:  What themes for symposia, round-table discussions, or paper sessions would you like to see included in the program?  (please insert)
  2. Will you be interested in?: (please indicate)

A.  Organizing a Symposium:  Organized Symposia should be designed to fill a two-hour block and involve 4 – 6 people.  These usually consist of either a group of papers or a thematic discussion/symposium.  The organizer is responsible for the coordination of participants.  At this point only the session theme and the organizer’s name and institution are needed.



B.  An Individual Paper Presentation: Contributed papers will be grouped on similar issues, with time allotted for delivery (20 – 25 minutes) and follow-up discussion.



C.  Roundtable Discussion Groups: These groups are arranged by the conference committee to encourage exchange of ideas among participants.  Usually two discussion leaders are designated and 6 – 10 participants are assigned to a thematic roundtable.

                      1.  (      ) Yes, I would like to be placed on a Roundtable Discussion Group. 

                        2.  My Areas of Expertise/Interest:

 D.  Making a Poster: Space and time will be provided for poster style presentations.  Submissions for posters follow the same guidelines as a contributed paper, (e.g. author, title and abstract).  But only the presenter’s name and tentative title are needed at this time.  (please insert here)

3. Conference Networking: Are there other individuals or groups who should be invited to participate?  We are pleased to get email and postal addresses of friends, colleagues or list-serves who you think should also receive an invitation to attend this conference.

4.  Other suggestions and comments:                                                    

 Note: All replies should be sent directly to sheconference2018@gmail.com .

Continuously updated information about the conference can be found on SHE’s website www. societyforhumanecology.org

Thank you for your ideas and assistance. 

Iva Pires,
President-Elect: SHE
Program Chair: SHE-XXIII

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